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In this sequel to The Gold-Threaded Dress, Oy must again make a decision. In the talent show will she do what others want or be true to herself?


“…The intricacies of friendship,
even when we recognize the limits of the people we'd like to like
us, ring true here. This one will resonate with many grade-school
girls." The Chicago Tribune

“Once again, Marsden sensitively portrays Oy’s feelings as she tries to find her way between her immigrant family’s customs and values and those of the children at school.” Booklist

“A perennial topic is handled with poignancy and grace.” School Library Journal

The Quail Club is the sequel to The Gold-Threaded Dress. When my daughter, Preeya, was in a school in La Jolla, there was a talent show. Her friends wanted her to do a jazzy Brittany Spears kind of dance, whereas Preeya preferred to do her Thai dance. Once again, as a fiction writer, I kept my ears open and watched carefully!