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Why won't the new Chinese girl be Ginny's friend?


“The push/pull between American and ethnic culture, a dilemma that many children of immigrants feel, is well illustrated in this novel. Ginny is a real little girl who doesn’t want to be different, but at the same time values her parents and their culture. A first-rate purchase.” School Library Journal

“With sensitivity, through portraying very genuine situations…Marsden and Loh give a needed voice to the Asian-American experience in this country. Add the enjoyable detail about Chinese holidays, banquets, clothes, and culture to make an important and memorable book." National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature

“…the story succeeds in conveying the conflicts in these girls’ lives and their resourcefulness in coping..." Publishers Weekly

When I was teaching first grade, Virginia Loh was a teacher in the same school. One Christmas when we were at a party together, Virginia started to talk about growing up with parents who had immigrated from South East Asia. I told her that her stories were so fascinating, that she should write them down. Pretty soon, I offered to write with her and we had a book going!