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I'm excited to be putting some of my picture books up on Amazon in the Kindle Store.

Greta Thunberg is the world's best known young climate activist. However, in countries around the globe many other young people have been working to save the planet. In COME JOIN US! COME NOW!, award-winning children's book author Carolyn Marsden uses collage to profile these remarkable children and teens.

Friends in Peace follows the parallel lives of American Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King and Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn.  As the Vietnam War rages, the two meet together to promote peace.  Though different in many ways, their shared belief in nonviolent protest united them and they became friends. 

In the summer of 2018, the boys of the Wild Boars soccer team were trapped in a Thai cave for nineteen days. The world held its breath, hoping for a rescue. Trapped in Darkness tells the story of the family, neighbors, soldiers, journalists, and cave divers who gathered outside; and the boys who inside courageously endured darkness, cold, and hunger.

Greta Thunberg has inspired millions to protest for the future of the planet. In this story a shy teenager courageously stands up for her beliefs. As Greta emerged from a deep and solitary depression, she faced many obstacles before she went on her famous school strike to bring awareness to the Climate Crisis. Greta's lone action has inspired millions to stand up for Earth. She has gone from being invisible to speaking out to the whole world. In The Invisible Girl Speaks Out, children's author Carolyn Marsden presents a collage tribute to Greta Thunberg.

Mexico Jupiter Submarine is Carolyn Marsden's collage childhood memoir of her journey toward becoming an award-winning children's author. Writing helped her create worlds of her own in which she escaped her life of Ouija Boards and harrowing escapes, of UFOs, auras, and fairies.

It starts with a simple yellow envelope.  Junk mail?  Children's author Carolyn Marsden opens the envelope to find an invoice--  her husband has secretly ordered an exotic Land Rover from Holland. Marsden is furious! What's more, the vehicle is currently enroute to Belize. Thus begins the true story of Marsden's collage memoir, Every Mile a Miracle. A hodge podge of characters must rescue the overheating Land Rover and bring it to the US. After exploring the beauties and perils of Belize, the travelers careen through jungles with a monstrous Cat 5 hurricane in pursuit. In Mexico, they encounter teenage federales bearing big guns. And a fortune teller bearing a mysterious message. Will Hurricane Dean catch the travelers? Will Roger Rover blow up? Will the travelers make it home safely? Dig into this wacky tropical adventure to find out…

At the beginning of the world, the Mayan deity Quetzal Serpent is all alone. He brings forth creatures to worship him, but faces failure after failure! He must try and try again. Children's author, Carolyn Marsden presents a collage rendition of Quetzal Serpent: the Mayan Creation Myth. Marsden portrays this narcissistic deity in all his glory.

Children's author Carolyn Marsden presents a collage retelling of an ancient Thai folktale.  In The Horse-Faced Woman, a woman with the face of a horse meets a prince flying a kite. When the prince's kite lands in front of her, she gives it back on condition he marry her.  But will he? This magical tale includes a hermit, a baby, a love triangle, an army of giants and many surprising plot twists.

In this collage retelling of the Three Little Pigs, the first pig builds an igloo in Alaska, the second a pyramid in Egypt, and the third little pig builds herself a golden temple in Thailand. To find out what happens to each pig when the huffing-puffing wolf comes, dive into this tale by children's author Carolyn Marsden.

Watch this space!

More books coming soon!