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I love speaking to students in person or through Skype. My favorite format is a PowerPoint for third through sixth grade is about 50 minutes and goes as follows: for about 20 minutes I talk about my writing process, beginning with getting the idea, journaling, the first draft, revision, acceptance (or not!) by a publishing house, more revision, copyediting, first pages, Advance Reading Copies, Hardcover edition, paperback edition. I bring in concrete examples of all the above.

I use the remaining time to dialogue with students. They ask me questions and we also talk about their own writing in terms of subjects like genre,their writing challenges, publication possibilities. This conversation is dynamic and the time passes quickly.



Please e-mail me regarding fees.

"It was a pleasure to see Carolyn interact with our students. Her creative presentation was informative as well as enjoyable. The slides about research for her books let our students know how stories develop from real life. She shared her notebook entries and drafts in different stages illustrating the growth of a book. She modeled the writing process authentically for our students and answered their questions with humor and grace."
Monika Schröder
Elementary School Librarian
American Embassy School
New Delhi, India

"Carolyn is a talented writer who uses her teaching experience to engage students in a rich discussion of writing. She is patient and prepared to speak about variety of literacy topics. Carolyn’s author visits support and enhance the language arts curriculum.
Spanish speaking students loved it when she responded to them in Spanish."
Helen F. James
Library Media Services Coordinator,
San Diego County Office of Education

This is my old writing studio.

*As a teacher, I taught PK through fifth grade for several years, worked as a writer-in-residence for eight years in grades Kindergarten through High School.

*For adults, I've presented at conferences, taught writing workshops, and have done critiquing and coaching. For further details on online manuscript critiques, please e-mail me.

*I enjoy interacting and sharing with people of all ages.

*For information on presentations for conferences, schools, and libraries, please contact me at the e-mail link below.

*I also offer editing, coaching, and critiques, both online and in person.

*What it's like to be a writer
*Facts on publishing
*My own process of becoming a children's writer, starting with my childhood
*Writing exercises, resources, the mechanics of forming a critique group
*Writing Activities
*In-depth talks on specific books
*My process of collaboration

For younger audiences, I offer interactive, multicultural puppet shows.