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Bank Street College of Education Best Books of 2012
2013 California Collection (The California Reading Association)

School Library Journal: "...Rosalba’s story of self-realization is a strong one, and the juxtaposition of traditional and new ideas delivers considerable food for thought. A burgeoning environmental crisis is timely, as well."
Booklist: "...the story is so dripping with myth and mystery that kids will be intrigued, and as always, Marsden’s writing is beautiful and her knowledge about children’s hearts is immense."

During the 1990s, I was interested in the lives of the Mayans living in Chiapas during the time of the Zapatista revolt. When I revisted this interest, I came upon the more contemporary issue of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. STARFIELDS is told from the points of view of a nine-year-old Mayan girl in 2011, and that of a Mayan boy shaman in 600 AD. It will be released by Candlewick in fall of 2011.